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Areas of activity

STI (Company of the Innovating Techniques) has its head office in RAMBOUILLET (Yvelines)

Create in 1989; STI has the role to want to be Innovator as regards of Road Equipment


Two of its main departments gather:


Ø   Road safety equipments out of plastic and composite

Ø  Distribution and marketing of slip-form pavers (concrete) for industry of extruded concrete shapes on roads and highways (gutters, new jersey barriers, pavements, walls etc…)


v  For the Safety equipments made of plastic STI sells its products manufactured under its own Brevets near Local dealers and International but also directly among its institutional customers.

Holder of mark BALIROAD for his plastic lane divider K16, and unchallenged leader on the matter, STI refers on the market for all plastic safety members.

Its manufacture 100% French (including moulds and packing) has contributed to its reputation of quality and solidity for more than 15 years.

STI is member of the SER (Trade union of the Road Equipment) which gathers the majors of the profession of the French road signs.


Innovator and precursor on the matter since always, STI is unceasingly in search of new products and takes part in the development of novel methods and products using its customers and partners.


v  MILLER FORMLESS is the brand of the slipform machines of world famous reference on the matter. These American machines distributed in the whole world for more than 40 years have still functioned for some. All the powerful large companies of Publics work on the matter trust him since many years.

STI represents this mark on the European level since his continuous origin and to remain its sole dealer European and in certain countries of Africa.