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Accessories for Installation + Fixings :

For the whole of its products, STI has a complete range of fixing:

• Anchorages diameter M12 for Posts and flexible signs
• Complete Kit of fixing for “Coussin Belinois” speed bump.
• Complete set of installation for sealing with Resin
• Epoxy Resin cartridges

STI also carries out any kind attaches or support necessary to the fixing of specific products.

• Mounting plate reinforced for Beacons: Avoid any inopportune pulling up of the anchorage on fragile ground or very requested anchoring.
• Support made in rubber avoiding any drilling in the roadway
• Removable support allowing the installation and the instantaneous demounting of the Beacons of work sites or others

Fixation amovible
Douille M12
Platine de fixation
Fixation amovible
Fixation pour coussins

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